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Not long after meeting in 2017, did current business and life-partners Michelle Godbout and Joey Colosimo discover both their mutual appreciation for fashion and love for animals. As there were limited places that married the two entities dear to them, an idea was conceived - to create the ultimate destination for pet parents seeking casual yet sophisticated and timeless products artfully made specifically for their treasured four-legged companions. And before long, M. Barclay was born. Years in the making, M. Barclay has made the commitment to designing and manufacturing goods built to withstand the tests of functionality and longevity while adhering to our scrupulous standards for quality and style. We believe our pets play instrumental roles, softening the sharper edges of our lives with unconditional love and loyalty. And so, our company and our vision is our love letter to them - a token of our appreciation that reflects the requited affection and invaluable bond between Man and his best friend.

Welcome to M. Barclay. Let's go for a walk.


Golden retriever in vintage Land Rover Defender with leather dog leashes.


Fine Provisions for Dog Companions