Posted on October 18 2020

by Karen McInerney
What's your connection? Apply birthdate or adoption date.


“If you can sit quietly after difficult news;
if in financial downturns you remain perfectly calm;
if you can see your neighbors travel to fantastic places without a
twinge of jealousy;
if you can happily eat whatever is put on your plate;
if you can fall asleep after a day of running around without a drink or a pill;
if you can always find contentment just where you are:
you are probably a dog.”

―Jack Kornfield

We welcome the Autumn Equinox, which can be felt as the yearly equivalent of what a day brings us: sunset. At sunset the light and warmth of the Sun gives way to darker and cooler nights. That is when the night-light of the Moon gives us the feeling of being safe in the dark. Autumn Equinox brings us the Sun in Libra. Libra values relationships and the beauty of connections—emphasis is on “we”!  Mars Retrograde in Aries symbolizes new beginnings and new starts. Our vision and decision-making skills will be highlighted in October. We will feel as if we know exactly what we want from life. Manifest that by setting intentions and sketching a plan on how to achieve them.  At the same time, Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde, also from October 5th to 20th. Mercury is no wallflower—it brings erratic events that we can’t exactly be ready for. The New Moon in Libra on October 16th is a key date for a big shift to occur. We are on the cusp of a new age: Aquarius.



ARIES  Mar 21 – Apr 19 Fire 

Mars continues its journey through this sign, and as a result, your Aries will be full of enthusiasm and energetic.  Whenever possible and appropriate, allow your furry companion to roam free, untethered. Go along for the ride and feel free and untethered yourself.  Your shadow will love the challenge of a good chase, so run like the dickens, because your Aries will want to win. After the 13th, Venus will come in with a rather calming influence, but have plenty of toys on hand so the little critter can play soldier!  Song of the month: “Old King”


TAURUS  Apr 20 – May 20 Earth

Beautiful without lifting a paw, your pet makes quiet a display sprawled across your couch. Ruled by Venus (on October 2nd, Venus enters Virgo), your furry friend’s attractiveness makes all others pale in comparison. The homebody: You couldn’t get your Taurus to escape if you left the door wide open or dug the hole for him. Speaking of holes, you have surely noticed that your pet loves to create dirt piles—show your four-legged pleaser where to dig, and get your fall transplanting done twice as fast. Jupiter is settling down: Treat your pet to a good bone, J.S. Bark, and calming conversation. You will be blessed with an outpouring of love and loyalty. Song of the month: “Ol’ Red”.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Air

Your furry companion is super-sensitive and has been feeling the energy of uncertainty from you and other humans this month. Walks and talks followed by belly rubs and playtime that involves lots of laughing (preferably one activity follows the other) will calm your pet. You will be rewarded with smiles and cuddling. Because of their curious natures, Gemini pets find lots of things to do when you aren’t around. That’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it?! Your adoring critter is the most gregarious sign of the zodiac and loves the company of everyone. You may want to consider a playmate when you are away. Song of the month: “Piano Music for Pet Therapy.”.  


CANCER  June 21 – July 22 Water

Mercury opposite Uranus on the 7th may tend to make your pet feel restless and more moody. Ladles of love, affection, and pet meditation will calm your furry friend. Later in the month the Sun conjoins Mercury and brings alertness. That would be a great time to teach your Cancer pet how to recognize things by name. The Moon is their ruling sign. On the 16th, when the New Moon enters Libra, your pet will relish spending time in a swimming hole (they should have been born with flippers rather than paws). Exercise and comfort are topics this month. Song of the month: “Dogs Are Everywhere”.


LEO  July 23 – Aug 22 Fire

A trine between heavenly hedonistic Mars (in Aries), Venus (in Leo), and Mercury retrograde will have an effect on your pet: vanity unfettered! More indulgences, fussing, and pup-arazzi attention are on the menu for October. Grooming and adornment followed by compliments, and tails will wag! Trust that they understand you are telling them they are pretty. Adventure is paramount for your bold and fearless Leo. Plan an experience packed with action. Your pet will show you how to crack through your comfort zone with open paws. Song of the month: “You’re My Best Friend”.


VIRGO  Aug 23 – Sept 22 Earth

In contrast to Leo pets, your Virgo is not fond of seeking attention. October will just intensify their shyness. Allow your lovable companion to have plenty of alone time to contemplate metaphysics. Since these furry creatures sleep with one eye open, they will know when you are unhappy or under the weather and be at your side quicker than you can say “Come.” Not only is your Virgo pet kind, but she is eager to know as much as possible.  They are great listeners and even better advice-givers, and they will not leash you astray.  Song of the month: “Girl With One Eye Open”.


LIBRA  Sept 23 – Oct 22 Air

Happy birthday, Libra! Welcome to your new year. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty—which is why everyone stops in their tracks to ask you if they can pet your charmer. He is, after all, pup-ular! This month your Libra companion will not want to socializing too much. Staying home and watching Nickelodeon reruns of “CatDog” would feel just right. After all, your Venus doesn’t want to let their newfound TikTok success go to their head.  As a birthday treat, surprise your furry friend with a new edible delight (just make sure the ingredients are healthy). Song of the month: “Dreaming of Bones”.


SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 21 Water

October will heighten your Scorpion’s perceptions, and their inner machinations will ramp up in complexity.  These Little Stars know the concept of “revenge is a dish best served cold,” and they are very patient in serving that dish.  Perhaps you accidently stepped on your furry one’s tail, or you had breakfast before feeding your pet that one time last January.  Well, your furry one has not forgotten and is still plotting how to right the wrong. Good news! Peacekeeping Venus fist-bumps combative Mars this month, and your Scorpio is willing to lick and make up. Song of the month: “Howl”.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21 Fire

This month your Sag’s exploring skills will intensify. Think energetic furry David Attenborough!  With a party of planets in retrograde—in particular, Mercury—they may want to try running backwards. Your pet is ready to step out like a red-carpet superstar. Take advantage of the star quality, particularly on the first, when the year’s only Full Moon in fiery Aries powers up their charisma and animal magnetism. If possible, go for an enchanting walk during the Full Moon with your best friend to deepen your already magical relationship. Song of the month: “Lay Down”.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 – Jan 19 Earth

Your Cap may experience paw-in-mouth syndrome: They mean well, but it may come across the wrong way. Emotions are running a bit wild this month, and your pet may be taking too much pressure onboard—they will be more standoffish.  Throw your furry companion a bone and give oodles of paw-sitive feedback. These Benjamin Buttons of the zodiac (perhaps an awkward or complicated beginning, but improve with age) understand delayed gratification. Your pet wants the best in life and may experience more anxiety this month. Exercise and security are important. Song of the month: “Chasing Cars".

AQUARIUS  Jan 20 – Feb 18 Air

This slow, methodical being wants to unearth the truth about everything and everyone. If you are in a hurry to get from point A to point B, you will most likely be driven crazy. Have patience this month, since the Aquarian stubbornness will be in high gear. Don’t take it personally, but your Water Bearer’s friends (as in animal companions) are more important than you are. Your pet can talk (having honed her own communication system) and have a wonderful sense of humor. She prefers to seem mysterious and aloof, but she’s quite sensitive underneath all the barks or meows. This month your furry one is feeling sensitive about rejection. Try to find the time to go to the dog park so your friend can mingle, run, and chase Frisbees, birds, and squirrels. You will get points! Song of the month: “Gypsy, Joe and Me”.


PISCES  Feb 19 – March 20 Water

“Grounded” is the word of the month, Pisces. Confidence will be boosted by the planets, but your pet will still feel lost if you are not around. It is important that they have their own “spot” (pillow, bed, perch, rug). Malleable by nature, your companion will take on any form you desire…anything is paw-ssible.  Your Piscean’s normal state of confusion will be reinforced this month. Do not be surprised if you notice him pacing between the bowl, the couch, and the basket, not quite sure where to go. Ideally, your furry companion would like to live on a floating home. True excitement is expressed when it rains, while you play the song “Rain With Thunder”.

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