Posted on March 19 2020

by Karen McInerney
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ARIES  Mar 21 – Apr 19 Fire 

The Aries pet knows she or he is alpha. March will reinforce that trait, and you will find an even more assertive pet, but a playful one. Aries tend to be accident-prone—it’s in their nature is to be a bit reckless and daring. Fortunately, March is a good month for your four-legged companion’s health and safety. The influence of Mars will emphasize their independent qualities. You may notice their urge to jump more than usual (it’s the furry companion’s way of showing how much they care). This month focuses on confidence and trust.


TAURUS  Apr 20 – May 20 Earth

March will strengthen your furry companion’s health, but only if you can control how much they eat. Your Taurus knows how to work the dinner party to get guests to hand them food. It’s a good month to consider a nutritious diet and try to limit snacking. Yes, you must be prepared for your pet to sit in front of the refrigerator and mournfully stare. Try playing classical music to distract them from the desire to eat. This month will bring out the sign’s stubborn trait even more than usual. Once comfortably situated, your four-legged companion will refuse to move until he or she is good and ready. Health and doggedness are at the core this month. 


GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Air

Mercury rules the Twins of Gemini and continues to have its effect on the sign’s split personality. You will notice your furry companion is a bit more moody than usual. Be patient: Their intelligence is acute—your Gemini knows they are being moody. Generally your Gemini pet has a quick wit and is affectionate, but this month your friend will tend to feel a bit more nervous than usual. Your pet may want to lean against you more frequently for calming purposes. March’s focal points are relaxation and staying put.


CANCER  June 21 – July 22 Water

Venus in retrograde continues, which will make your furry friend feel out of sorts, a bit more laid-back, and prone to deep emotional extremes. Make sure your Cancer pet eats really healthy food with plenty of water (hydration will help soothe his or her emotional roller coaster). Extra belly rubs will be greatly appreciated, and of course saying “Good boy” or “Good girl” until your throat is sore will also be welcomed. Your four-legged companion will collect more treasures to take into his or her nest for comfort. Attention to soothing and sensitivity are key this month.


LEO  July 23 – Aug 22 Fire

More than 70 percent of the planets are in the western half of the Leo chart. This planetary aspect is positive. Interactions are sometimes difficult for your Leo, but this month brings social abilities to the fore. Your furry friend will feel healthy and full of vigor, with the urge to smother you in love (lots of licking).  A well-designed fitness routine will strengthen good cheer. Your companion will want to stay close to home and be the apple of your eye. You will get paid nicely with an abundance of charm, and in return, more visits to the groomer will make your Leo feel unconditional love from you. The theme this month? Fussing mixed with attention.


VIRGO  Aug 23 – Sept 22 Earth

The planets are equally distributed between the northern and southern sectors of the horoscope in March, encouraging socialization.  Your Virgo pet will be extra calm and keep stress under control as long as you stick to their routine. They will want plenty of outdoor activities. Their love will have no bounds: Your pet will love to fetch whatever your heart desires. Give them  something to do that would make you happy. What matters most to your Virgo pet this month: exercise and making you happy.


LIBRA  Sept 23 – Oct 22 Air

In March, more than 80 percent of the planets are in forward motion, reinforcing confidence and ease but sensitive to chaos. Structure is where your Libra is happiest. Throughout the month, your furry comrade will be emotionally stable and in good health, albeit a little more distracted. He or she will be quite persuasive, ridiculously stubborn yet tactful. March is a photogenic month for your pet. The month brings playfulness and devotion.


SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 21 Water

Mars will have an emotional impact on your Scorpio pet—they’ll be a little more sulky than usual, but affectionate. Your furry friend will have enormous energy, so exercise and belly rubbing will help to lift spirits. Your Scorpio pet is dealing with security issues beneath their prickly exterior. Make sure they get a full eight hours of sleep. Expect to be delivered some article of clothing or a toy that you keep secret. Focus on reassuring your pet that all is well.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21 Fire

Planetary strength lies in the western half of the horoscope. That means your Sag is very social this month—but be careful, as he or she tends to be picked on. Your furry one’s senses are on high alert. Perhaps expressing a bit more stubborn behavior than usual. It is a great month for your pet to learn a new trick. Your four-legged companion is loyal to the bone and believes he or she is your one true love; consequently, they will want to be with you at all times, That’s fine with you—they’re always making you smile. Think “fun loving and being in the spotlight” this month.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 – Jan 19 Earth

Planetary strength is situated in the southern section of the chart, hence your Capricorn pet will be more emotional and perhaps a little under the weather.  Diplomatically stubborn, calm, and consistent, your pet is an old soul, independent and intense. Your Capricorn relishes perfection. If she or he suspects you’re not in charge, they will throw you shade in a “talk to the paw” sort of way. But if you demonstrate that you rule the roost, your Cap pet will accept that and follow suit. Exercise and a balanced diet are important this month.

AQUARIUS  Jan 20 – Feb 18 Air

Planetary strength is located in the eastern half of the chart. Your Aquarian pet will be extremely loving, but also independent and stubborn (that will require the patience of Job…). In contrast to last month, your furry companion will feel, uncharacteristically, lethargic. To ease the inertia, schedule a play date with their best pet-friend. Your Aquarian enjoys good health this month. Assurance and socializing are encouraged.


PISCES  Feb 19 – March 20 Water

The majority of the planets are located in the southern half of the chart this month.  Your Piscean pet is generally confused and changes their mind at the drop of a hat. They don’t really know if they are coming, going, or have even arrived. The Jupiter‒Neptune transit (it began last month and continues to October) points to being more social. Your Piscean is animated and will befriend a houseguest or a new canary. In fact, their amiable nature is so ingrained that it leans toward showing the burglar where the silverware is. This month the Piscean is a bit moody—but easily cheered up by running in the rain (followed by some Freshen Up).







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