Posted on June 03 2020

by Karen McInerney
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Pets are funny, often without any effort at all. And during these unusual circumstances, pets are proving to be a lifesaver for many of us, providing companionship, consistency, and joy. It doesn’t matter to our pets what day it is—the only time they know is routine, i.e.. more belly rubs, more treats, more petting, more of you. But here’s the thing—petting your four-legged companion helps you by reducing stress when Zoom is being buggy. We are busy creating a new normal. Our pets teach us to delight in the moment. We will be okay.

June brings strong activity as we enter the eclipse season. On June 5 there’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse affecting Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Aquarius. Then June 20 to June 21 brings the summer solstice, full moon, and a solar eclipse. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto move into Capricorn. Capricorn’s power urges us to look at rules and traditions that need to be reassessed. At the core of that reassessment? Wellness and what really matters. In addition, we are moving into the Aquarian age. Science and spirituality collaborate together, as well as our accepting and respecting of differences. Aquarius rules innovation, invention, technology, and community—yes, please, and just in time.


ARIES  Mar 21 – Apr 19 Fire 

Aries pets are spirited. You’ve just got to love them. They want to prove their invincibility. Duly noted, because they are really good at pretending to be fierce. They are lovable with all bark and abundant meow. They want you to love them and be your best friend, and for that, they try to act like a hero/heroine just to grab your attention. Playing hide-and-seek will delight both you and your pet. Ample activity and being in the spotlight are June’s themes.


TAURUS  Apr 20 – May 20 Earth

The Taurus is a silent, determined, and strong pet with a plodding nature. This furry creature likes to be with you all the time. He’s quite happy about shelter in place. Consider being in separate rooms for a bit of the day so it’s not as difficult to adjust when you return to work. Your four-legged companion will most likely want to rest more than usual. Eating is a high priority. Treats (organic, please) should be given with discretion, which may be challenging given their willfulness. Perhaps play or read aloud to distract your Taurus from food. This month you will be soothed by your pet’s gentleness and calmness. 


GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Air

Your Gemini pet is a natural communicator, and even Mercury in retrograde will not hamper this attribute. If you can speak dog or cat you will find them really funny. June amplifies their intelligence—absorbing information like a sponge and barking or meowing it back out like the witty creatures they are. This is a great time to bring out the puzzles and games that stimulate the mind. Your furry companion will have bursts of energy and be emotionally versatile. It will be important to read their cues, because their mood may change from moment to moment. Listen to and entertain your lovable pet this month.


CANCER  June 21 – July 22 Water

This complex and intense pet has the most distinguishing personalities of the zodiac. They’re naturally sweet and overly sensitive, and they try to bottle up their emotions until they explode. And when they explode, it will take a long time to put Humpty back together again. Never worry if your Cancer pet loves you. Spend June talking to your wonderful creature, who is an impassioned listener. Playing soothing sounds of the ocean will reassure your impressionable pet. This month, surround her with a sense of well-being and coziness—you will benefit as well.


LEO  July 23 – Aug 22 Fire

Represented by a regal lion (as in a big cat), your Leo is strong and brave. Their commanding presence and the sound of their bark or meow can quiet a whole room. The way to your furry companion’s heart is grooming and, of course, attention (they expect you to go to them). In June your Leo will be calm but watchful. Your friend is used to being listened to: Hang on to their every howl and purr. June may bring out more moodiness than usual. Complements and games are the themes this month.


VIRGO  Aug 23 – Sept 22 Earth

Virgo pets are the most practical and logical of all the signs. Analytical by nature and constantly seeking paw-fection, he may experience some anxiety. Your companion is not detached like other air sign friends. June will emphasize the workaholic tendencies: Walks in nature and/or parks would be the antidote—for both of you. Tidiness (both environmentally and in thought) is important to your Virgo. It can take some time for her to let her fur down, but when she does, you will be vacuuming it up for a while. Playing with an interactive toy and learning are the topics this month.


LIBRA  Sept 23 – Oct 22 Air

June will emphasize the Libra’s traits of being open-minded and diplomatic. Your furry companion enjoys the finer things in life (hopefully she is adorned in the rhinestone collar that was recommended in May), but what is so charming about her is that your Libra is a selfless soul who prioritizes the needs of those she cares about more than her own. Your four-legged darling would take that rhinestone collar off her own neck for another soul. If you are happy, your pet is happy. Enjoy the harmonic nature of your Libra this month.


SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 21 Water

Your powerful furry friend is looking for a challenge this month. Create an obstacle course that will his skills. He will be quite curious and motivated, especially now, when Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is in Capricorn. Mysteries will hold his attention, but Scorpios don’t like false appearances or mind games—they can see through them quickly and don’t like having their time wasted. Scorpio pets gravitate to truth and facing things head on. Bravery mixed with teasing are June’s topics.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21 Fire

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in Capricorn. The search for truth is highly important, and Sags are ready to do whatever it takes to find what that means to them. “New” is in the spotlight. Your furry companion is restless and inquisitive: Bring something new into her or his life (new food, new friend, new place to walk), then follow that up with a belly rub—euphoria! Your Sag is quite humorous, sees the water bowl as being half full, and does not rely on you to be on the other side of their leash. Adventure and big-picture thinking are highlighted this month.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 – Jan 19 Earth

Your Capricorn is represented by a mythical sea goat—half goat, half fish. This can be quite confusing to your dog or cat. They are upwardly mobile, like their goat friends, and have calm personalities, which can come across as a cold demeanor. Your furry friend will be displaying patience and perseverance, trying to keep himself accountable to some ridiculous goal—like perfecting an obstacle course or running to be with you. Saturn, their ruling planet, is Capricorn, their sign. An emphasis on well-made things and tradition will be apparent. Your companion treasures you and relishes a routine that consistently yields love and happiness. Pet-play and compliments are at the forefront this month.

AQUARIUS  Jan 20 – Feb 18 Air

Your confident and forceful pet will be quite reserved about showing any emotions. The Aquarian has a natural instinct to help others. Observe as they use their superior intellect and out-of-the-box thinking to move the world forward. Your furry friend will perform best if they see you are working at the same high standard. They believe in truth above all else and spend very little time sugarcoating anything, as they wouldn’t want things to be sugarcoated for them. During the eclipse season, your companion will treasure being alone more frequently. When not enjoying alone time, she will greatly appreciate having fun and getting involved in deep, intellectually stimulating conversations. Surprises and a bit of rebellion will be the feature this month.


PISCES  Feb 19 – March 20 Water

Petting and belly rubs are rather essential to your Piscean, as their natural empathy is accentuated. Your furry companion is quite imaginative and has a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality. He is intuitive and capable of speaking to anyone and any animal. Affectionate Mercury (which is also in retrograde) forms a square against ruling Neptune, causing a confusing and emotional condition. Having a safe and harmonious space will be necessary. Connecting with you by rolling around in a blanket and playing hide-and-seek will bring serious tail wagging—your friend will delight in being cozy yet free of constraints.



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