Posted on January 04 2021

by Karen McInerney
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Let’s begin 2021 with love.

How can you tell that your pup loves you? According to a Canine Cottages study, not surprisingly, Fluffy is expressing love when she kisses or licks your face and enthusiastically greets you when you come home (her whole body wiggles, accompanied by serious tail-wagging). A not so obvious sign? Begging. Though we tend to associate begging with wanting food, in some cases she is begging for your attention or for you to pet her. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they want you around all the time. And when your pooch flops onto his back, it may appear as though he only wants a good belly/chest rub, but it’s also a sign that he trusts you. Additional love signals are cuddles (wanting to be as close to you as possible), generosity (brings you his favorite toy), and my favorite: destroying your stuff (and if that item smells like you, even better).

The most obvious and common ways that felines show their happiness and love is through purring, head-butts (tapping her head against you), scratching, playing, and the classic “elevator butt pose.”

Some expressions that are similar to those of canines are: rolling and belly-showing (“Human, I’m so excited to see you!”), loving eyes, and generosity—but instead of a favorite toy, it may be gifting prey. They are still tiny carnivores, after all.

How do you show your love? Special attention, teaching new tricks, treats, cuddling, frequent petting, and full-body massages should be in your repertoire. Learn how to read your furry one’s body language. Fully engage with your pet, and you will feel the mutual blissful emotion of unconditional love (thanks to the release of the delicious hormone oxytocin).

As we enter a new year, let’s pause and give thanks for the affection that flows so easily our pets as an antidote to the loneliness of social distancing and their energy, which served as an excuse to get out of the house. THANK YOU!

On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn met in Aquarius, and they will remain in this sign for the majority of 2021. Aquarius is a sign associated with an abrupt change, forming communities, fighting for causes that you care about, and making technological advances. Our new digital way of living will continue into 2021 and beyond. The activity between Jupiter and Saturn is the start of something momentous. These two celestial bodies align every 20 years, but what makes this “great conjunction” extra special is that it marks the beginning of a new 200-year cycle. Since the early 1800s, Jupiter and Saturn have been uniting in earth signs and, prior to that, fire and water, respectively. In fact, it’s been about 800 years since the last conjunction was in an air sign, so we’ll begin to observe major shifts on a large-scale level. We must be thoughtful and intentional about how we live, work, and—perhaps most importantly—cooperate with one another. Onward and upward with resilience: TOGETHER.



ARIES  Mar 21 – Apr 19 Fire 

Your Aries pet steps into 2021 with the wind at his back, thanks to no small part to Mars. Your furry one’s ruling planet has been enjoying an extended, retrograde-laced stay in his sign since June 2020, supplying extra energy. The new moon on the 13th will make it more difficult to have patience, but plenty of feistiness and playfulness is in store. Don’t be surprised if you catch your four-legged companion head-butting bugs or chasing anything that moves. His antics serve the strong need for your attention. So, what are you waiting for? Shine the spotlight on your star.


TAURUS  Apr 20 – May 20 Earth

Does “raging Bull” mean anything to you? Mars, the planet of conflict, moves into Taurus on January 6th, and on January 14th, Uranus goes direct. (Uranus has been retrograde in Taurus since August 15, 2020.) Your pet’s usual chill demeanor will have a shot of energy. She is utterly averse to change, and security is extremely important. Your Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and values beauty above all else. Have you stumbled upon her hiding hole yet? Your four-legged charmer really likes having stuff, which can either be expensive or valuable in a sentimental sense. You may find a gold watch next to an old bone in her hiding place.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Air

When the sun moves into fellow air sign Aquarius on the 19th, your sidekick will want to spend as much time as possible with you. For the next 30 days, he will want to pick up his social game—watch for hilarious and unpredictable energy and playfulness. Just because he liked being petted an hour ago doesn’t mean he wants to be petted now, though. It’s important to read his cues. Your furry one is quite funny and thoroughly enjoys gossip. Be careful what you share.  


CANCER  June 21 – July 22 Water

Venus enters Capricorn on the 8th, casting an extra spoonful or two of kindness and caring. You’ll never question if your pet loves you. The new moon (Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet) on the 13th will make your sensitive one more emotional than usual. Give her buckets of cuddles and affection. Play classical music, sing, hum, or play soothing ocean sounds for your furry beauty. She is very complex and needs reassurance that all is well, especially with you. Most likely her begging is to receive encouragement—but she isn’t sure what she wants in the first place. Recommend a weighted security blanket.


LEO  July 23 – Aug 22 Fire

On January 6th, go-getter Mars comes barreling in, supercharging your little star’s confidence and loyalty. Your Leo Queen loves to perform and has charisma to spare. Parties are on the to-chew list for January, and she wants to look her best. Grooming, pampering, and preening are required. No one craves compliments more than your Leo. At the same time, she is fiercely protective and sees defending you as a risk that yields high rewards. Your four-legged companion’s most wished for present is anything that is shiny and expensive.


VIRGO  Aug 23 – Sept 22 Earth

Your beacon of brilliance is ruled by the planet Mercury, which enters Aquarius on January 8th. Virgo pets let their humans know what they want and when they want it, whether it’s attention or kibble (fear your four-legged companion’s wrath if you remove his treats). The themes this month are grooming, pampering, and tidiness (“Properly trained, a human can be my best friend”). Your furry one enjoys figuring things out for himself, so a couple of hours alone with a puzzle toy, and he will be in his element.


LIBRA  Sept 23 – Oct 22 Air

Libra pets have a commanding presence. Refined and self-assured, your love-buddy has strong instincts. She is a fine mediator, and the full moon on the 28th will highlight those skills. Using some good old-fashioned charm, your diplomat can navigate most complex social frameworks. Venus enters Capricorn on the 8th, intensifying your Libra’s desire for balance and harmony—your furry friend loves to be kind and receive kindness in return. This month, plan as many outdoor adventures as possible.


SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 21 Water

Like their celestial spirit animal, the scorpion, your Scorpio pet waits and strikes when least expected. Life is a game of chess for these calculating water signs, who are constantly plotting several steps ahead to orchestrate an eventual checkmate. This doesn’t mean their intentions are necessarily nefarious: Scorpios simply know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard, strategize, and play the long game to get it. Like the Scorpio human, Scorpio pets are private. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and tends to be highly emotional. Your four-legged companion loves to tease you, so go along for the ride and take the joke. His charm and loyalty will pull at all of your heartstrings.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21 Fire

The Sagittarius pet is the jester of the zodiac—funny and sometimes a bit awkward. January 18th is a crazy, unpredictable day. The influence of Venus may challenge balance. Your fiery furry sidekick is incredibly adventurous (which translates to restless, inquisitive, and always looking to engage with the new). If you are focused on becoming more present and being in the moment, you could not have a better Zen teacher than your Sag: She concerns herself only with the present moment and making the best of it (with acceptance, delight, charm, and wit).


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 – Jan 19 Earth

Happy birthday! Thanks to the Sun in Capricorn, your pet will feel right at home this month. However, the influence of Saturn will probably slow your furry one down (expect to take an exceedingly long time to accomplish anything). He is extremely complex: His calm personality can verge on a cold demeanor, but he really has the warmest heart and appreciates when you go above and beyond. It’s difficult for your Cap to break from his usual way of going about life. But his favorite routines are the ones that consistently yield love and happiness.

AQUARIUS  Jan 20 – Feb 18 Air

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, empowering your already perceptive pet to understand you in an almost eerie way. Her gentle intuition seems to follow and anticipate your every mood. She is curious and adventurous, making her the easiest pet to groom—no attitude or scratches along the way! Unlike the Capricorn pet, your four-legged companion moves from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye. She can be difficult because her mood and interests change from moment to moment. Shhh, here’s a secret: She has no intention of doing what you’d like her to do (and don’t take it personally—suggest you read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz).


PISCES  Feb 19 – March 20 Water

Your furry companion surpasses any human best friend with the ability to read your mind (and making sure your thoughts include him), forming a strong spiritual bond. His sensitivity is so powerful, it would not be surprising to see him cry—emotions are worn on his paw. Always up in the clouds, your Piscean doesn’t appreciate being grounded or brought back to reality. This aspect of his personality will be accentuated as we enter the Age of Aquarius (air sign) and the Sun enters Aquarius in mid-January. Take your furry one for walks in nature as frequently as possible. It will benefit both of you.

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