Posted on February 18 2020


by Karen McInerney


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AQUARIUS  Jan 20 – Feb 18 Air

February is more positive than last month. Your Aquarius pet will have more energy and will want to run off the leash, preferably with a pack. Social interaction is where your furry companion will come into his or her own. With five planets in the 12th house, Aquarius pets will feel fabulous and on top of the world. There will be friction every now and then, but (as usual) your four-legged best friend will get their way. Major watchwords this month are “companionship” and “strength”


PISCES  Feb 19 – March 20 Water

Traditional ruler Jupiter conjoined the recent Capricorn new moon and solar eclipse, ushering in a powerful month. Your Piscean pet is deeply sensitive and extremely intuitive, sensing your mood quickly. When you couple this with a slight lack of intelligence, the end result is a very complicated companion. Deep inside, your Piscean truly desires to please, though they are unpredictable and can change their mind from one minute to the next.  The way to bring out the happiest Piscean is to be in any body of water—even puddles will do! Sweetness and humor are at February’s core.


ARIES  Mar 21 – Apr 19 Fire 

The Aries pet is energetic to begin with, and Mars, the fiery ruler, which enters Capricorn, will provide extra energy in February—so get into gear for a ball of fire. The sign’s leadership traits will let you know what your Aries animal wants—and that’s to be the center of your world. The relationship will be largely one of compromise, usually on your part—your furry companion is most enjoyable once you have been “trained.” Socialization and activity are the themes this month.


TAURUS  Apr 20 – May 20 Earth

February brings out the protectiveness in your Taurus pet, who will be determined to keep a watchful eye on the safety of their home and family. Change is stressful: Taurus is happiest with stability and keeping everything the same. Protectiveness comes with a priceyour furry companion loves to be pampered and appreciates a comfortable bed, complete with super-soft blankets. A favorite outdoor activity? A drive around the countryside with the car window down. This month Taurus focuses on safeguarding and comfort.


GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Air

Mercury starts retrograde, which slows things down. While the Gemini pet’s passive and reserved traits will take front seat, their split personality will still be evident—they are an eternal puppy or kitten, quickly bored and requiring constant attention. To this little soul, everything will be new, and you pet is very content to explore constantly. Your Gemini companion’s charm will be heightened—indeed, you’ll spot most of the neighborhood wrapped around his or her paw. Adventure with no stress is this month’s mantra. (Perhaps a pethuman companion yoga session?)


CANCER  June 21 – July 22 Water

February will be accompanied by the strong influence of Venus, which will accentuate our furry companions’ need for comfort and love. Cancer pets know they run the household and graciously accept this role…as long as you remember treats and long, regular walks. They have the good sense to know that there’s no need to be unreasonably demanding when things are going just fine. The theme this month? Responsive, but a little moody.


LEO  July 23 – Aug 22 Fire

The Leo pet is the most loyal in the zodiac and will feel especially strong, magnanimous, and playful this month. Mars in Sagittarius emphasizes your furry companion’s leadership and pompous nature. Leos have a knack of persuading you to treat them correctly without your realizing you’ve been manipulated. They are the monarch pet and will “hold court” accordingly. The art of subtlety is not in the Leo’s character. Self-confidence and assertiveness are the February themes.


VIRGO  Aug 23 – Sept 22 Earth

In February the Virgo pet strives to be the perfect pet…as long as they have all the creature comforts. Ruled by Mercury, your furry companion is calm, but also determined that their life be filled with beauty. Nothing but the best will suffice. Any discomfort will be heightened in February (think fairy-tale princess irritated by pea). Meticulousness and creativity (perhaps a masterpiece after giving his or her favorite chew toy a gnaw) are the themes this month.


LIBRA  Sept 23 – Oct 22 Air

As the planets weave in and out of the low-key fourth house and into the luxurious fifth, the Libra pet will be amiable and appreciative of the good things that life has to offer. “Share and share alike” is the motto. What is right for you is right for your Libra and vice versa. Therefore, if your furry best friend is obliged to sleep in a basket on the floor, then you are expected to do the same. February’s focus for Libra: harmony and protectiveness.


SCORPIO  Oct 23 – Nov 21 Water

February, your Scorpio pet is full of energy and hyper-expressive. On the outside, watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling than any other furry companion. The emotional character of the Scorpio yields positive results—all part of their plan to get your undivided attention. However, “inscrutable” is the word that probably best describes your Scorpio this month. In the midst of your ranting and raving for whatever reason, your pet will probably simply fall asleep. Strength and determination are key themes this month.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 22 – Dec 21 Fire

With expressive Mercury, adventurous Jupiter (the Sag’s ruler), responsible Saturn, and transformational Pluto all in Capricorn, your Sagittarius pet is in full swing and on the wild side. Energetic exercise is key to excess restlessness and boredom. This month calls for lots of hikes, fetch, and Frisbee! Their eyes will be bright and shining, showing that they are full of character and want to learn new tricks. Think “big and bold” this month.


CAPRICORN  Dec 22 – Jan 19 Earth

February is quite the aloof period for the Capricorn. Your furry companion, who has a mind of their own, will want to spend more time alone—but not at the expense of running and getting plenty of exercise. Reserved by nature, Capricorns can be stubborn and aren’t afraid of hard work. However, since the planet Saturn rules your four-legged best friend, they will take an exceedingly long time to complete any undertaking. This month’s themes are confidence and persistence.




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