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Vibrant happiness!


by Joanne Camas


It’s a dog’s life, they say, and Daisy’s living the dream now. She has play dates and walks with friends, goes hiking once a week, and has even driven cross-country. And she’s only two-and-a-half.

Flash back two years, though, and she was found abused and malnourished on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico, with a fractured hip and broken leg. She was rescued by the Sato Project, a shelter organization based in New York City. They gave her urgent medical treatment and plenty of TLC, and then she found a new home with Tracy Le Marquand.

“I saw Daisy on Instagram,” says Le Marquand, who works in PR and communications in the fashion industry. “It was a harsh picture, taken the day she was rescued.” In spite of the pup’s injuries and emaciation, though, Le Marquand says she was drawn to her. “There was something about her soulful brown eyes,” she remembers. “The right dog finds you.”

After a rigorous application process and a home visit, Daisy moved in with Le Marquand and made herself right at home in their SoHo apartment in Manhattan. The resident cats ignored her. (Things have improved. Now they tolerate Daisy.)

Even though Le Marquand grew up in a family that always had a dog, she wanted to wait till she felt it was the right time to get a pup of her own.

“I did my research,” she explains. “It’s important to speak with people who have adopted from different places, and then decide what type of dog you’d like. Find out how much living space and exercise a certain dog requires, and think about how much time you will be able to spend with them. People must remember that they are for life.”

Le Marquand admits that she plans a lot of her life around Daisy. “It’s the same as having a small child,” she says. Luckily her office is close to home, so she can nip back to walk Daisy if she has to work late. Three days a week a dog walker from My Dog Hikes takes Daisy to the dog park, and she goes hiking with the same organization on Thursdays.


Image via My Dog Hikes

Every Friday (and cold winter days) Daisy heads to work with Le Marquand. “It’s a very dog-friendly space,” she explains. “Daisy walks around to say hello to everybody, then curls up in her bed. And she loves sitting in an office chair, too, so she can be at the same level as you!”

Of course not every dog will be as happy-go-lucky as this pup, and that’s an important factor to bear in mind when you’re considering adoption. “Most rescue dogs haven’t had a good start in life, and you don’t know their history,” Le Marquand says. “It could take years for their issues to come out. Daisy was very anxious at first, but now it’s only storefront shutters being pulled down that scares her.”

Her chill personality means she’s happy to go with the flow. Daisy’s a real Manhattanite.

That willingness to adapt made it easy for Le Marquand to say yes when a close friend invited her to drive cross-country with him and his dog, Daphne, when he moved to L.A.


Daisy+Daphne, cross-country in style! 

Image: courtesy of Tracy Le Marquand

“The two of them had a whale of a time, though they got a little too used to hotel living,” Le Marquand says with a laugh. She was surprised how friendly people were in every state they drove across. “She was even allowed in a restaurant with us in Texas.”

The pair made the return trip by train. “Daisy turned into a bit of a star, and everybody loved her. She’d literally sit for hours looking out the window and watching the world go by,” Le Marquand recalls.


 Daisy taking in the views.

Image: courtesy of Tracy Le Marquand

She’s come a long way from Dead Dog Beach.

Need more information? The ASPCA offers tips to help you decide whether adopting a dog is the right move for you.

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